The Circle of 


 1)    Visualize for a moment a time when you were in a state of total confidence. Picture it in your mind’s eye in total detail. See it as being close and in complete focus. Adjust or be aware of your physiology, how are you standing, what expression do you have on your face? What is your pattern of breathing? What other emotions are you experiencing when you picture yourself in this state? Be aware of as many sub-modalities in as much detail as possible.

2)    Now visualize a colored circle on the floor surrounding you. As you continue to focus on your state of confidence, step out of the circle, leaving your feeling of confidence in the circle. If you have difficulty feeling as though you have stepped out and away from your circle, try taking another step, or as many as necessary to accomplish this.

3)    Now picture in your mind’s eye vividly an objective or task you feel uncertain about that you have coming up in the future. Something that you are not looking forward to or something that has been difficult or awkward for you in the past.

4)    As you picture that event I want you to link something you see that starts or preludes the event. It could be your name being announced before a speech or an athletic event. It could be the voice of someone you have a meeting with. Take a moment and visualize this clearly.

5)    Now step back into the circle and think of this link, this prelude. Notice how this feels. What you have done is created an anchor to associate confidence from a previous state to the new event by using the link.
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