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Hi, I'm Kevin Seaman


I have spent the last 25 years researching the methods and strategies used by some of the most successful coaches in the world of martial arts, business and athletics, and the last 40 years studying martial arts.


I have taken that research and developed a simple, effective, easy to apply system, you can use to excel in any area of your life. I’ve taught The Winning Mind Set Program and my Mind Game Coaching System to thousands of people all over the world and NOW I am ready to teach you!

Kevin Seaman

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2019 Francis Fong Seminar In Syracuse, NY

2019 Francis Fong Seminar April 13 & 14, 2019 Sifu Francis Fong is undoubtably ONE of the most amazing, energetic and talented Instructors in the Country! Sifu will share his 50 years experience and expertise in the Martial Arts in this Highly Comprehensive Seminar. We are excited and honored to have Sifu Fong back teaching […]

Hit The Center Of The Bullseye

By Kevin Seaman What pushes you to achieve greatness? What creates that drive you need in order push forward, regardless of obstacles, to accomplish the goals you hold in your heart? What is the motivation? The word motivation comes from the Latin phrase “to move forward” or reason to move forward. So, what is it that motivates you, moves […]

Overcoming Negative Habit Patterns

Overcoming Negative Habit Patterns By Kevin Seaman    Probably the most challenging issue for everyone, whether  just trying to lose those few pounds and Buff Up a little and stay there or you’re an aspiring  potential Olympian, is maintaining your personal training schedule as a SOLID HABIT. You’ve been there before. You start doing something, an activity, […]