Below are frequently asked questions about my Winning Mind Set Program and Martial Arts Instruction

Questions About The Winning Mind Set Program

What am I going to get out of it? If I’m not an athlete why would I be interested?

Regardless if you’re an athlete, a student, a business man or woman or just interested in having a happy, more balanced life the Winning Mind Set will be beneficial to you on many levels. The Winning Mind Set program enables you to find and define the BEHAVIORS that hold you back from achieving the results you want and deserve in your life. These “sticking points” are not always apparent to us simply because we become accustom to their presence and influence, accepting them as “the way we are” in our day to day lives. You programmed it into your behavior and you have the power to deprogram it, this is what I will show you how to do.

If I make a change, how do I know it will last?

Within the WMS system retention and reinforcement are consistently integrated. The reason most people don’t have lasting change is due to the way they view change. This subconscious “frame of belief” is powerful, powerful enough to override the new changes if not addressed. By changing or “reframing” the belief on a subconscious level the results will be retained, and I will show you how to do this as well.

What if I have questions after reading the book or attending a workshop or class?

The chances are you will have questions! One of the major things I see in human behavior, in relation to actions is that most of us just don’t ask for what we want. If we do, we aren’t clear as to exactly what we want. I welcome you to keep contact with me and even offer a video conferencing.

Is this one of those positive thinking programs I’ve seen before?

Positive thinking is great! But, it won’t get you very far without a defined, organized strategic and systematic approach.

Is this some kind of hypnosis?

Although there are some similarities to self-hypnosis. No this is not hypnosis. We use a variety of mental conditioning techniques such as self talk and visualization for behavioral modification, Neuro-linguistic Programming, behavioral pattern interruption and Neuro-associative Conditioning. These proven techniques allow you to create the change you want and retain it through the use of applied reinforcement.

Is this like the Law of Attraction?

Yes and no. The Winning Mind Set System uses the concept of  “what you think about most is what you will become (or get.)” . This is a product of your brain’s reticular cortex, a part of your brain that filters information and sends signals defining the direction of your wants and needs. The Winning Mind Set is directed toward helping you alter the positive behaviors that will produce your desired outcomes and alter or remove the behaviors and sticking points that hold you back sub-consciously from achieving the success you dream about. This is the Real Secret.

Questions About Martial Arts Training

Do you offer seminars you can teach at my school or location?

Yes! I offer a menu of Professionally taught subjects, and I don’t just teach, I present and perform my subjects, engaging with my audience. Believe me, my seminars are not soon forgotten. I also offer an extraordinary option for the host to video record my seminar for their personal use as reference. I will tailor the seminar subject or combination of subjects to fit your needs and wants. I have taught over 200 workshops and seminars to date and have excellent references, if needed. I will also help you professionally market the seminar to assure it’s success.

Yes, but I don’t know if I can afford to bring you in for a seminar. What are your rates?

My rates will surprise you. They are very affordable by todays standards. My main focus is that  YOU and your students LEARN the arts I teach and I will build a relationship with you to be sure of that.

How can I tell that what you teach is legitimate?

I am certified by some of the BEST martial artists in their field. I have been active in the martial arts for  FOUR DECADES, and have attained Advanced Instructor ranks in seven separate martial arts styles, equaling eight Black Belts.

My Jeet Kune Do teacher, Sifu Dan Inosanto was Bruce Lee’s Top Student, he is also my main Filipino Kali teacher, and he has attained instructor credentials in 23 systems of Filipino Martial Arts.
(I’ve trained 28 yrs. with Sifu Inosanto/ Rank: Full Instructor JKD and FMA) 

My Thai Boxing instructor is Grandmaster Chai Sirisute, President of the Thai Boxing Association USA, the oldest and largest Thai Boxing association in the World.
(I’ve trained 26 yrs. with Ajarn Chai Sirisute/ Rank: Senior Instructor) 

My Wing Chun Instructor is Sifu Francis Fong, one of the TOP Wing Chun men alive today, and the fastest human being I’ve ever witnessed in the Martial Arts.
(I’ve trained 25 yrs. with Sifu Francis Fong/ Rank: Associate Instructor)  

My CSW Combat Submission Wrestling Coach and founder of CSW is Master Coach Erik Paulson. Erik is world renowned for his technical knowledge, strategy and is a Top coach for many UFC fighters.
(I’ve trained 17 yrs. with Master Coach Erik Paulson/ Rank: Coach) 

In addition to these, I have  instructor ranks in Jeet Kune Do under Sifu Tim Tackett, Black Sash in Choy Li Fut and Guro Level in Arnis. I am also working toward my Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu under Balance Studios, a Relson Gracie School.

What’s your schedule like? How do I find out more?

My schedule varies, but I only do a limited amount of seminars each year. Give me a call and we’ll discuss schedule, costs, etc. at 607-423-5159