“The Winning Mindset is no stranger to champions. But for many, you hear it only described as ‘it’ – for
example, “He’s got IT!” And as high-level athletes in any sport know, the mental game is much more significant than the physical. You win before you step on the mat, not by some mere psych out of the opponent by the correct attitudinal compass far before you arrive at the fight, in the months and years of prior purposeful preparation. Kevin Seaman in “The Winning Mind Set” does much more than provide you with step-by-step guide, he provides you with a workbook. Most people will probably read through it, and ignore the exercises. But that’s why most people can stand next to genius coaches and manage to only glean a fraction of the wisdom they provide. Completing the exercises within The Winning Mind Set is mental training. Whatever you do, don’t neglect actively training the mind by performing the carefully-crafted drills in the book. The difference between the good and the great can be simplified to who trains most intelligently, comprehensively and consistently. Even if you’re already with a great coach, this book will make a huge impact upon the clarity, confidence, courage and creativity of your game. And if you don’t have a coach, then this book will act as a lifeboat to save you from drowning in decades of trial and error in gaining the Winning Mindset.”

Scott Sonnon, 5X World Games Gold Medalist, USA National Team Coach,
Federal Law Enforcement and Special Operations Team Instructor