As a Master Coach with over 35 years of experience guiding people just like you to reach their maximum potential, I have distilled the methods taught to me by my teachers into solid, easy to grasp lessons.

I offer workshops and semi-private group training in 6 Martial Arts Systems:
1) Jeet Kune Do
2) Filipino Martial Arts
3) Thai Boxing
4) CSW- Combat Submission Wrestling/MMA
5) Wing Chun
6) Western Boxing
I also have an extensive background in Close Quarter Combat/ Defensive Tactics. I have worked as a trainer for various Law Enforcement. I have taught students from basic level to UFC Fighter. To inquire or book me for your group e-mail or call. You would be amazed how affordable it is to expose your students to a highly experienced professional martial arts educator.

Let Me Show you how I can improve your Performance Level and Results starting immediately!
The proof is in and all the experts agree, unless you are working at a standard vastly above the competition, you are practically invisible. I will show how to Tap into your true potential, surpass your goals and discover The Winning Mind Set™.

Let’s start with this comprehensive NEW book on The Winning Mind Set. Read it, use it, and if you are not 100% satisfied, send it back and I will refund every dime!

This cutting edge Success System has been taught to thousands of athletes, university students, coaches and business people with the same response each time. Amazing Results!

Now this program is available to you in this comprehensive book.

Listen, I am so confident that you will improve your outlook and succeed greater at any endeavor, if you are not 100% pleased, send it back for a full refund! It’s that simple.

The Winning Mind Set Book
$19.95 + FREE S/H

I offer Both Personal and Team Coaching

Grab the EDGE in your next Competitive Event! Develop your team into THE BEST! Give your GYM or Business a quality that is above the rest!
If you think you can’t afford training with a Personal Performance Coach, think again. If you are serious, you can’t afford not to!
Here are a few of the absolutely incredible programs guaranteed to change the way you approach your path to success for the rest of your LIFE!

Hit The Center Of The Bulls Eye
Meeting and exceeding your goals
Developing Mental Toughness
Swimming with the sharks and excelling
Absolute Communication
Absolute success by mastering your internal communication
See It, Then Achieve It
Discover the power you have in your mind
using internal visualization

Kevin Seaman is available for private training, consultation, coaching and speaking engagements. To inquire or if you would like to book Kevin for an event, team training or individual training contact us at the e-mail address listed below. His services are guaranteed 100%.

Here’s What People Are Saying!
“Kevin is a wealth of knowledge, an excellent martial artist and a great instructor. I continue to use his books as references and look forward to new material.”
Opera Non Verba – Deeds Not Words
-Ajarn Greg A. Nelson
The Academy

“Kevin Seaman is one of the few people in the world who truly understands all ranges in Martial Arts. Whether it’s Boxing, Muay Thai, Weapons, or Grappling, his knowledge constantly amazes me. His ability to teach and translate material is second to none and he’s mastered the ability to teach all levels. Thank you, Sifu Kevin for sharing the knowledge you have with me, and my school. You’ve made a true difference in how we perceive Martial Arts!”
Ryan Gruhn
Owner / Head Instructor
Central PA Mixed Martial Arts

“I met Sifu Kevin years ago. He is a wealth of knowledge. Not only will he help to hone your Martial Art skills, but he is also a fantastic motivator and life coach. Check him out. You will not be disappointed!!”
-Kru Scott Anderson
Thai Boxing Association of the USA
North East Regional Director

“I have been involved in law enforce-ment for over 29 years, a law enforcement DT/ combatives trainer for over 20 years, and an avid practitioner and competitor in the martial arts. I can unequivocally state that Kevin Seaman is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate teachers and mentors I have ever had the honor and pleasure of training under. I have utilized his training on personal and professional levels to include his motivational tactics and techniques and find them second to none.”
Stay Safe
Charlie M.
29 year veteran of federal, state
and local law enforcement and martial artist

“Having just finished hosting Sifu Kevin Seaman’s “Tricks Of The Trade” Muay Thai workshop, I can say – AWSOME!!! All my students who attended loved it! They keep thanking me for having it and asking about the next one! An incredible seminar with an incredible Martial Artist! If you have the chance to train with or host a seminar with Sifu- two words- DO IT!! I promise you won’t regret it!”
-Lenny Sonia
BJJ Black Belt
Dojo 1, Utica, NY