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This Book Creates A “Toolbox For Excellence” To Help Us Meet That Potential

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This book distills powerful wisdom on personal acheivement into an exceedingly readable style. While there are a thousand books that teach, or attempt to teach, similar subjects, this book is unique its is comprehensiveness, its applicability to everyday life, and its practical edge (each chapter includes exercises for using the information just provided). You could buy a library of books, attend dozens of seminars, or just read, re-read, and live by this book.
Aaron Franklin. Buffalo, NY
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This what Peak Performance Expert Brian Tracy Says About The Winning Mind Set

“Your attitude determines your altitude even more than your aptitude. This book shows you how to win from within in every area.”
-Brian Tracy, Black Belt Martial Artist.

Brian is a top selling author of 40 books that have been translated into dozens of languages. In addition, Brian has written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide, best-selling Psychology of Achievement, which has been translated into more than 20 languages. Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 4,000,000 people in 4,000 talks and seminars worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 250,000 people each year.

This Is What UFC Fighter Kenny Florian Said About The Winning Mind Set Book!

I thought it was excellent. My brother loved it as well. Some great stuff in there that can and will help many more athletes. Thank you for sending it to me…“The Winning Mind Set is a fantastic weapon that gives you the firepower to really succeed”

-Kenny Florian

The Winning Mind Set… get it!
I thought that I read and listened to all of the major works on self improvement. The truth is, I missed one of the best ones up until recently. I just read one of the most important pieces of literature for Athletes and Martial Artists, The Winning Mind Set. This is a MUST READ for anyone on a competitive path. The principles are sound and easy to understand. In my field, MMA fighting, everyone is fairly even in skill, power, and endurance. The thing that separates champions from the average competitor is their ability to conquer their own mind. Conquering negative self talk and creating a positive mental environment improves ones chance for success, no matter what the endeavor.My advice: Get your credit card out, and order this awesome book! You won’t be disappointed.My name is Phil Migliarese, and I approve this message– Phil Migliarese, 3rd Degree Black Belt under Relson Gracie, Owner of Team Balance/ Philadelphia
UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones on The Winning Mind Set

“Simply Brilliant!”

– Jonny “Bones” Jones

Jacob “Stitch” Duran’s opinion on The Winning Mind Set

“Every warrior has ‘A Winning Mindset’, though many fighters do not know how to maximize their potential. Kevin Seaman has spelled it out in a simple form with his book. Read it, empower it and it should make you a better person inside, as well as outside of the ring. Remember, your mind is your strongest weapon in battle.”

– Jacob “Stitch” Duran, The World’s Best Cutman

This New Book Creates A Toolbox For Excellence To Help Us Meet That Potential
The Winning Mind Set, a new book written by Jim Brault and Kevin Seaman is geared toward making YOU better at whatever you seek to accomplish. These two previously published authors from New York have teamed up to teach the reader how to gain a significant Mental Edge and the Winning Mind Set necessary in order to achieve at levels they’ve never experienced before.

We all have incredible potential. So, why is it that we don’t always live up to our potential? Why is there often a difference between what we can do and what we actually do? In what ways can we maximize our potential in those areas of our lives that are important to us? What are the instrumental keys that create that personal success in all our endeavors?

That is what this book is all about. The Winning Mind SetTM is a set of proven tools and techniques to help you UNLEASH the Power of Your Mind, and tap into your incredible potential. It is a compilation of approaches presented in a way that is designed to be both easy to understand and easy to put into action, a toolbox codified into the acronym BEHAVIORTM.

Beliefs – I will show you how to put the power of your personal belief systems to work for you and which ones are holding you back!
Emotion – I will teach you 6 ways to manage your emotions quickly and easily. I’ll show you how to use your Emotions to drive you to success and BLOW away the competition.
Habits – You will learn how to wipe out negative habits and quickly form positive ones. Over 90% of everything you do is habitual. Do you control your habits or do they control you?
Associations – I will unlock how you can harness the brilliance of this subconscious phenomenon and replicate your BEST Performance time after time!
Values – This is one of the secrets of lasting success, realizing the role your deepest desires play in driving your life. I’ll show you, why it’s crucial and how to use it.
Identity – Find out how to use your sense of identity to propel you in the direction of your goals
Objectives – Understand the value of setting objectives in a whole new way, and how to achieve them systematically. Most people fail because they don’t do 3 simple things.
Retention – You will learn the 9 steps to reinforcing the positive changes in your life.

Listen… being positive is great, but it is the person who has a plan and takes consistent action using that plan that wins!

Brault and Seaman’s pretense is simple, Seaman states, “We ask every athlete and coach this question. In competition, how much of the outcome is attributed to physical skill and how much is mental? The answer ranges from 50/50 to 80%mental and 20% physical. We then ask them, as we now ask you, what do you do to train your psychological side? 99% of the time they stare at us, searching
for an answer. We have the answer! If you haven’t tapped into the mental side; you are at best, at 50% of your potential. This is just one example.” Seaman continues, “In reality, it goes way beyond competition and into the improvement of performance in all areas of our lives! In business, academics, sales, personal relationships, career, and of course competition, the state of your mindset will determine the outcome more than any other element.”

Their secret to success Seaman says, “Over the past 35 years, we’ve had some incredible experiences in our lives. During that time period we’ve learned from, worked with and taught local, state, national, world champions, and high performing athletes, as well as coaches, performers and business people from all walks of life! The most extraordinary result of this interaction is what we have learned from these elite individuals, and how we used this valuable information to develop a program that anyone can use and apply instantly.”
The book is available through Center Line Press, 326 Barrington Rd., Syracuse, NY 13214
The price is set at $19.95, containing 292 pages in a perfect bound, paperback format or Audio Book on six CDs.

The ISBN # is 978-0-9663482-1-7

Book A Workshop For Your Group With A Master Coach
My name is Kevin Seaman, I’ve been in the martial arts as a technician, competitor, authority and coach for over three decades. Over
the past 35 years, I’ve had some incredible experiences in my life.

I studied with some of the absolutely finest coaches, teachers and mentors. I trained with people you’ve definitely heard of and some you never heard of. One thing they all had in common is….They were brilliant in one or more areas of their ability. Some were known as great fighters, some as genius technicians, some as amazing conveyors of knowledge with communication skills beyond you and I.

But, there’s a lot more! Some of these teachers didn’t actually teach how they got excellent at what they did. I had to extract it! I had to dig into the intellectual brilliance of Dan Inosanto, Francis Fong, Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins. I had to search to find the strategies and mindset that made people like Surachai Sirisute, Erik Paulson, Jean Jacques Machado, Greg Nelson, Jack LaLane, Lance Armstrong, Peter Novelli mentally tough!
I studied the principles that enabled all these people to excel against all odds. I studied it, I used it and I learned how to organize it and teach it…then I put it in a book!

During that time period I’ve worked with and taught local, state, national, and world champions, as well as high performing athletes from all walks of life! The most extraordinary result of this interaction is what I have learned from these elite individuals, and how I used this valuable information to develop a program that anyone can use and apply instantly.

Give me the opportunity and I will share with you the 8 secrets that these WINNERS used to separate themselves from their competition, into a class above everyone else.

#1 First off, Winning is a State of Mind – I ask every athlete and coach this question. In competition, how much of the outcome is attributed to physical and how much is mental? The answer ranges from 50/50 to 80% mental and 20% physical. I then ask them, as I now ask you, what do you do to train your psychological side? 99% of the time they stare at me, searching for an answer.

I have the answer! If you haven’t tapped into the mental side; you are at best, at 50% of your potential.

#2 Second, I will teach you the ONE Critical Component to get yourself in the right frame of mind (emotional state) to do what you want and
need to do- You will walk away knowing how to dramatically change your emotional state in an instant! You will go from BLAH to BAM instantaneously! World-class athletes and leading coaches know the secret and so will you.

#3 Third, you will unleash the Power of your mind/body connection with the use of positive anchors – Did you know that there are five different forms of anchors or triggers that set off certain responses of strength or fear in us, due to our past associations and emotional states? Did you also know that you are able to control these responses? Have you ever been in a state of total excellence in competition or performed at a level where you absolutely astonished yourself? You can duplicate the way you felt at that moment, confident, unstoppable, razor sharp!

#4 Fourth, I Will Teach You The Key To Mastering Performance Under Pressure – Everybody experiences some feelings of pressure when performing. It is the internal communication, your self-talk that will dictate the quality of your performance and in extension, the quality of your life. You will learn the methods of internal communication that create leaders, champions, and successful entrepreneurs. What you say and how you say it is the Fourth KEY!

#5 The Fifth Element is your “Critical Success Factors” – According to the experts at Harvard University, there are usually 4-5 critical success factors in everything you do. These are things that you absolutely must do to succeed.

I will teach you to identify these CSF’S and harness their power, turning you into a champion!

#6 Sixth, Improve Concentration and Focus To Crystal Clarity – Whatever we focus on will determine how we feel. Focus is not true reality, it’s one view , one perception of the way things really are. Whatever we focus on, therefor becomes our reality. I will show you the secret that athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have used to magnify their focus and define their outcome.

#7 Seventh, Is The Powerful Physiology of Achievement – We have all seen the look of success and the look of failure. However, did you know that
your body language influences your belief in yourself and others, more than any other form of communication. Every emotion you’ve ever felt has specific physiology linked to it. Your physiology controls your emotion and ultimately your mind. When you change your mind, you change your body, change your body and you will change your state of mind! I will show you how!

#8 The Eighth Advantage: Performing Edge Visualization -Visualizing your success is a simple, yet powerful method of predicting your future. Meaningful achievements begin with a positive vision that we believe in, and commit to with passion. I will teach you how to step into that vision, applying all your knowledge, your power, and your persistence to turn that vision into reality. Discover your inner greatness , it’s waiting for you to unleash it!

Become the athlete you’ve dreamed of being- calm, prepared, mentally /physically razor sharp. It’s inside you right now and I’ll show you how to let it out. If you’re good, I’ll help make you GREAT, if you’re great, I’ll help you to be extraordinary!

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The Winning Mind Set has demonstrated countless successes with hundreds of athletes all over the globe. Here are a few.

“We are on a mission to expose as many people to the valuable information in ‘The Winning Mind Set’ as possible . Our goal is to sell 20,000 books the first year, and to donate books to libraries throughout the USA, starting with Youth Centers, at-risk Kids Programs and inner city schools. Our ‘Value Driven Goal’ is to donate one book for every 200 books we sell!”
-Kevin Seaman

“The Winning Mind Set has helped me to restructure my thinking for more effective training and success as a Professional Athlete. The Winning Mind Set and the pleasureof working with Sifu Kevin Seaman have not only been influential, but essential in achieving my goals as a professional fighter, and in everyday life. I would recommend The Winning Mind Set to anyone looking to develop a winningmindset of their own.”- Tamdan “The Barn Cat” McCroryProfessional MMA Fighter: 13-3, World Fighting League Middleweight Champ, NABC World Welterweight Champ, Veteran UFC Fighter

“The ideas & principles found within The Winning Mind Set have been an important part of my success as a Professional Athlete. I highly recommend the book, except for my future opponents!”Erik ‘Chainsaw” CharlesProfessional MMA Competitor 13-2, Contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 7, Thai Boxing InstructorCNYMMA

This is one of my favorite books on developing a powerful mental game. Written by two great martial artists Kevin Seaman and Jim Brault.I use this book as part of my daily training regimen and can say without a doubt that it helped me gain the confidence and mental edge to win the Michigan Fight League Lightweight Title.”- Chris MalgeriMichigan Fight League Lt. Wt. ChampionMartial Arts Unlimited, Thai Boxing Instructor/Black Belt in BJJ

“The Winning Mind Set has given me the edge necessary to compete at the highest levels of basketball throughout the world.
From Europe to the NBA’s Development League I have learned to understand the impact that positive self talk and visualization can have on performance. This understanding has helped me to tap in to potential I never knew I had and as a result my dream of playing professional basketball has become a reality.”

– Cody ToppertProfessional Basketball Player, BC CSKA Sofia (Europe) ’07NBA Development League Champion ’06

The Winning Mind Set (TWMS) is one of the most exciting books I have ever read. It offers useful techniques to improve many aspects of business and life. In addition, it is an easy read with personal examples to which everyone can relate. As coach, I am already employing many of the goal setting, positive reinforcement, and habit-setting techniques described in this book. I am optimistic we will substantially improve our team’s performance this year with The Winning Mind Set techniques. On a personal note, my husband and I lead very busy lives. We are retired research scientists who now run two businesses, travel often, and are actively involved with our church. Often our activity level has gotten in the way of our personal goals and needs. We have found The Winning Mind Set techniques very useful to re-prioritize, break bad habits, and focus on what is really important. Lastly, we recommend The Winning Mind Set Book by Jim Brault and Kevin Seaman to all of our instructors, students and friends. We think you will benefit from it as well, and suggest you get your copy today. It is an excellent value.

Cyndy and Evan Thomas Jones, Owners Collamer-Jones Karate, Inc. February 14, 2007

“After a frustrating Junior year playing hockey at Cornell I had an opportunity to work with Kevin on a one on one basis. Although Kevin admitted to not having have much of a hockey background he introduced me to his Winning Mind Set approach and tailored it to my game. His insights on visualization along with teachings on how to utilize self talk really helped progress my game and build confidence. The Winning Mind Set allowed me to become more mentally tough and brought more assertiveness and consistency to my game which is vital at the pro level.“- Charlie Cook, Professional Hockey Player

The Winning Mind Set
is an excellent guide for anyone interested in discovering what drives them in life. I have been a student and friend of Kevin Seaman for almost 16 years. It wasn’t until this book was released that I realized he had been using these simple, yet effective principles to teach me how to stay on the path to success. These BEHAVIOR principles can be applied to every aspect of your life – career, hobbies, and relationships. They have helped me achieve two instructor ranks in martial arts, the Eagle Scout Award, and pursue a career in Chiropractic. The strategies presented in this book have significantly impacted my life. Read it, apply it, and The Winning Mind Set will lead you to your own success.- Dr. Lance Loomis, Thai Boxing Full Instructor/ Thai Boxing Assoc. USA

Additional Testimonials