Movement with purpose is both therapeutic and revitalizing. This is why I feel the Martial Arts is so valuable.

People always are amazed when they find out what I do for a living. My friends think I teach people to FIGHT. Yes and no. I teach them how to stay safe and channel their anger, frustration and contention, as a way of overcoming these poisonous emotions and dispersing them. I teach them how to PLAY. By nature, I’m very easy going. This was NOT always true. As a kid, I was full of anger, hostility and frustration. When people hold on to HATE and ANGER, and refuse to let go of it, it will eventually destroy their LIFE.

My girl says I’m just a layed-back California surfer dude. Although that’s partly true, it is the martial arts play that has taught me how to channel my energy, (both positive and negative). It nourishes my very soul. It is both necessary and vital to my happiness and health.

ONE OF MY CORE PHILOSOPHIES: The ocean is powerful and uncaring, it will crush you if you fight it. The hostility of it’s power must be respected or you will become it’s victim. Don’t fight it, you can’t win, you are insignificant in relation to it’s POWER, instead…learn to surf.