I remember this boxing coach I had many years ago used to yell at me for putting my head down when I sparred. Even though I was 18, It was just like yesterday I heard Patty Millen yell, keep your eyes up, on your opponent, stop looking down! Why you wanna look down all the time? You like it down there? You keep that up and that’s where you’ll end up, on the canvas… down there, then, you’ll be looking up!

Well, damned if it didn’t happen to me not long after that day. I was working with this guy, moving around the ring and I came in for an attack. He was really sharp with his 1-2…so, I put my head down and BOAM! I got an uppercut that would have slammed a ten penny nail in a 2X4. I lay on my back looking up at the lights and the ceiling, and the first thing that immediately POPPED in my head was…Damn, Coach was right! Instead of looking where I wanted to go, I looked exactly to the place where I didn’t want to BE, and guess what? That is exactly where I ended up!

Well, this moment has popped up several times in my life when I began to…you guessed it, look or focus on precisely what I didn’t want. You see in life, I’ve discovered, you GET what you focus on. If you have problems and you focus on those problems, that is exactly what you get. Those problems! If you, however focus on your goals, solutions to these problems, or even just going in the direction of where you want to BE, that is where you will go and the solutions and resolutions will disclose themselves to you! We all have amazing capabilities, sometimes we just need to be reminded which direction to go!