What’s   Your   M.I.Q.?
by Kevin Seaman 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term, “I.Q.”, these are initials for the words, “Intelligence Quotient.”
 Your IQ is the most recognized type of intelligence. Throughout a person’s formal education they are tested on their verbal and mathematical intelligence. This is generally the basis for evaluating a student’s I.Q.

But, did you realize that there are multiple forms of intelligence? In fact, did you know there are over ten different recognized forms of intelligence? Extensive research has been done on this subject by individuals like Dr. Howard Gardner, Professor at the Harvard University Graduate School in his studies of Extraordinary Minds.

Your unique “combination of intelligence” is what makes up your individual character and personality. It is the framework of who you are as a person.

Here are just a few examples of the many different forms of intelligences people possess.

1)  The first type of intelligence is your “verbal intelligence.” This is the ability to speak and communicate with others, to use and understand language. This would be valuable to a leader, an administrative director or politician. Someone like JFK, Martin Luther King, Anthony Robbins and Zig Zigler are prominent examples of verbal intelligence.

2)  Your second intelligence is mathematical. This would be in regard to your capability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, to read financial statements and have the grasp of basic ac- counting and economics. Someone with this intellectual strength make insightful brokers, investment consultants and CPA’s.

3)  The third form of intelligence is “physical intelligence.” A person could fail miserably on a verbal and mathematical exam yet be extraordinary in the field of athletics, although this may not show up on their report card. Many people with this form of intelligence were looked at as NOT as smart as others when I was going to school. This is a stereotypical outlook due to the status quo. In times past, these individuals were powerful warriors, Tribal Chiefs, hunters and leaders due to their skills. This form of intelligence has to do with how well you command the use of your body, your balance, coordination, agility, timing, distance judgment, use of body strengths and body awareness. This is evident with people like basketball player Michael Jordan, swimmer Michael Phelps, and martial arts master, Bruce Lee. This form of intelligence is one of the highest paid and idolized qualities when utilized and applied at an optimum level.

4)  Your fourth form of intelligence is musical. As with individuals like, Mozart or Beethoven, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Kenny G, or Stevie Ray Vaughn. They are all examples of high levels of musical intelligence, yet these individuals, as students, may not have been considered intelligent and may not have done well in other school subjects. None the less, they had a unique ability to create music that was at an exceptional level.

5)  Your fifth form of intelligence is what is referred to as visual and spatial intelligence. This is the ability to see and use shapes, forms and patterns. A painter, an architect, an engineer or a sculptor would possess high levels of this form of intelligence. A designer, for example, may be able to develop a dynamic car design and then work with an engineer to materialize that design into a beautiful Lamborghini or Ferrari. A sculptor or architect may see a vision of structures, then people with different levels of intelligence may be able to help transform or convert this into a reality.

6)  Your sixth form of intelligence is interpersonal. This is the highest paid form of intelligence in America. It is the ability to communicate, negotiate, persuade, motivate, to be interested in and influence other people. It consists of a high degree of sensitivity to the moods and thoughts and feelings of others and the ability to interact with them effectively in order to get things done both with them and through them. Managers, team leaders, coaches, consultants and politicians usually have interpersonal intelligence developed to a very high degree. because of this, people want to work with them and cooperate with them in order to accomplish group goals or projects. Many people who have the 1st form of intelligence have this 6th one as well.

7)  Your seventh form of intelligence is intra-personal intelligence. This is the advanced ability to be very aware of yourself, to know exactly what you want and what you don’t want, and be able to set goals and make plans. For their success, people with a high level of intra-personal intelligence spend a good deal of their time reflecting on how they are thinking and feeling. These individuals are able to communicate internally more effectively in many cases. They therefore, know themselves better and better able to relate to others.

8)  The eighth form of intelligence is entrepreneurial intelligence. This is the ability to see needs or market opportunities and then be able to provide products or services to meet these needs and sell them at a profit. The developers of Apple, Amazon and Ebay are in this category.

9)  The ninth form of intelligence is intuitive intelligence. “I refer to this as a form of primal intelligence.” This is the ability to sense the rightness or wrongness of a situation. To judge situations or people quickly and accurately, to come up with ideas, insights, or solutions using your intuitive abilities. This gives you the ability to react quickly to a problem or sense danger almost before it happens. My mother was an excellent example of a high level of intuitive intelligence.

10) Your tenth form of intelligence is abstract, or conceptual intelligence. This form of creative intelligence was possessed by Albert Einstein, who could see himself riding on a beam of light, as a result he was able to formulate the theory of relativity. Writers, artists and rainmakers are a few examples of these individuals, such as Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and James Patterson.

11) The last form of intelligence is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is your ability to relate to how others are feeling and being able to express your emotions and feelings to others. People who have high levels of emotional intelligence know how to touch others deeply and usually have a great deal of control and clarity as to the emotions of themselves and others. They are very receptive to the emotional states and needs that are present and therefore more capable of guiding themselves and others in the proper direction.

“You possess special talents and abilities that make you unique, different from anyone else who has ever lived. The odds of there being another person just like you are more than 50 billion to one. Your remarkable and unusual combination of education, experience, knowledge, problems, successes, difficulties and challenges, and your way of looking at and reacting to life, make you extraordinary.” –Brian Tracy



How Can You Use This?
Although there are probably more, these are some of the more obvious forms of intelligence. Each and every one of us possesses a unique combination of some or many of these forms of intelligence at different levels and degrees. This unique personal combination is what forms a kind of personal intellectual profile. It makes you unique from any other person and simultaneously capable of performing at extraordinary levels.

As with all forms of intelligence, some people will possess a certain level of natural or developmental aptitude in each area. However, I do believe that anyone can improve and cultivate any of the forms of intelligence discussed in this article to a higher degree regardless of their natural aptitude. What you can do is to identify your intelligences, be aware of them, respect and develop them. Respect the variable intelligences of others as well. Also, take an opportunity to develop a high level of faith and confidence, and engage your ability to use your mental powers. You have the ability to accomplish amazing things with your “unique personal combination of these mental powers.” They are yours alone, take action and make use of them. You will be absolutely amazed at what you can accomplish!

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